Commercial Work

We offer a wide variety of custom  office, reception area, home office, cabinetry, work space, and counter top options to fit your commercial or home needs. Click the button to view galleries.

Built In Cabinetry

Have an odd nook in your house? Need a custom bookcase? How about built in entertainment furniture? We can help. Let us take your ideas and turn them into reality. That unused spot in your house can have a function.  Click the button to view galleries.

Pantry & Kitchen

Tired of digging through caned foods and boxes looking for that one item you just know you have? Tired of getting down on your hands and knees to dig through your kitchen base cabinets. With Closet Creations Pantry and Roll Out Kitchen Cabinet Shelf systems everything can have its own easy to find place.   Click the button to view galleries.

Closet Accessories

The proper accessories can make a big difference in the functionality of your closet. From a simple Telescoping Valet Rod to a Tie Rack, Belt Rack, Scarf Holder or Slide Out Pants rack. Accessories are the finishing touches you can not go without.   Click the button to view galleries.



Your garage is a very large portion of your home, and you probably visit it at least twice a day. Let us help you make the garage another room in your house that you'll actually enjoy visiting, just contact us to talk to someone that specializes in garage cabinets and storage solutions for the home and business. Imagine your kitchen without cabinets and storage. How would you store all your pots, appliances, and silverware? It's no different in your garage, you need cabinets and storage solutions in your garage so that you can neatly store your tools and hobbies behind closed doors and on unused wall space. Without cabinets and organized wall storage, everything ends up stacked in a mess, your garage looks cluttered, and instead of a functional storage space you've got a disaster you trip over every time you try and get in your car. We offer a huge selection of different types of cabinets and storage solutions designed specifically for the garage. Even the least expensive cabinet we carry is going to be stronger than your normal kitchen cabinet, built to take abuse in your garage. We even offer cabinets that are built out of metal and they can be color coordinated to match the color of your favorite car, motorcycle or toy. So no matter what your budget, or what you do in your garage, we have the solutions to best suit you. 

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An organized closet is a very important part of your daily life. If everything has a place you will always be able to find it. Imagine creating less stress in your daily life by simply having what you need to get dressed in the morning, now think of the same scenario with your kids! You will wonder how you lived without it. Our custom wood melamine closet systems are specifically designed around your needs and available space. They are also designed to be modular even after the installation, If your needs change or when your kids grow up so can your closet organizers. From adjustable shelves, adjustable hanging rod, adding or subtracting drawers, baskets and accessories your closet can be transformed with little to no additional cost.  Click the buttons to view galleries.